Women in the Draft: Equal or Not?

I had another interesting conversation with another professor today and I felt that it was a conversation that any of you reading these posts out there may have your own opinions on.

Obviously we all know from our history classes dating back to elementary school that the draft was created at its genesis for only men. Women were not deemed fit or qualified to be enrolled in the draft and were expected to tend to the home and take care of their children while the men went off to fight for our country. Of course, this lead to a revolution for women that would be a staple in our history for years to come.

Our lovely, I say with IMMENSE amounts of sarcasm, new president has hinted at reinstating the draft and including women. My professor and I both have previously expressed our distain for our current president and some of his other policy changes that we disagree with and other topics of the like. So today she asked me what I think about the idea of women being drafted. Here’s what I had to say about it.

First and foremost, I believe that the draft from its origin was a barbaric way to force men into a situation of extreme violence and risk their lives for war. I am not a violent person at nature and the idea of forcing men to fight on a battleground for their life is truly insane to me. With that said, if the draft is going to be reinstated, women should have the ability to be drafted as well. Equality is key in this situation on both sides.

On the female side of the argument, women are just as capable of withstanding conditions of war and fighting for our country should they be put in that situation. We should not be considered weaker than men and incapable of handling tough situations.

On the male side of the argument, men should not be expected to go through something as mentally and emotionally crippling as war and come home and be completely okay. Men have a stigma that surrounds them that they need to be tough and macho, but in reality neither male nor female has the mental and emotional capability to withstand war.

My professor and I agreed on these points and I wondered what other people had any thoughts on this topic. So again, if anyone wants to comment their thoughts, this is an open and judgment free zone, in case you haven’t gotten that vibe already.


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