Why Social Media is a Blessing and Curse For Relationships

I am a firm believer that from a professional and business standpoint, social media has given companies, organizations, and people in general a platform on which they can promote their brand and reach more audiences than ever before. There are so many good things about social media that impact our day to day lives, however, when it comes to our personal lives, I think it often does more harm than good.

I am a 20 (almost 21 – YAY!) year old student who is trying to navigate her way through the dating world. Weeding out the “meninists” and otherwise douchey college boys is a harder task than one would think, but what makes this even more difficult is the influence that social media has on relationships of any kind.

I think most millennials can agree that they have wondered why Boy X hasn’t liked your instagram posts in three weeks and why Boy Y hasn’t watched your snapchat stories in two days. We’re often left wondering why Boy Z has liked all of your tweets lately but hasn’t texted you back or why he commented on that girl’s Instagram post with the heart eyes emoji but didn’t say a word on yours. These are such petty little problems that tend to make you assume things about your relationships that may not be true at all. I have fallen victim to this over and over again in the past few years and it seems to be a black hole I can’t break free from.

Why has these little, petty problems have become such a staple in communication is something I truly don’t have an answer for. What I do know is that I need to be more mindful of how much of my opinions and thoughts on a person depends on these factors. Maybe the person was busy or maybe he’s not as interested as you think he is. Either way, getting back to your original communication roots (talking one on one in a real life conversation) is the best way to really figure out where you stand in a relationship.


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