Why Melania Trump’s Voice Can Potentially Be So Influential

No matter your political opinion, it’s clear that our previous First Lady had strong influence in her political position. Although it’s still fairly early in Donald Trump’s presidency, there have been conversations brewing about Melania Trump’s lack of voice and it seems to the public that she has been hiding away in the midst of all of her husband’s controversies.

Like all of the First Lady’s of our past, Melania has an incredible opportunity to have a positive influence on this country. Michelle Obama, for example, was a huge advocate for childhood obesity and Eleanor Roosevelt was called the “First Lady of the World” for all of her accomplishment in human rights through her years as First Lady. With these, and many other, powerful female influences in the past, Melania has the opportunity and the pressure to live up to these roles and contribute to our country in incredible ways.

So why has Melania fallen so silent in the past few months? This is a question I cannot answer. However, I believe that within all of the negativity that surrounds Trump’s presidency and his falling approval ratings getting lower and lower by the day, Melania can rise up from the shadows of her failing husband and attempt to implement and promote positive programs and organizations.


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