Top 10 Movies For When You Need a Good Cry

I know I’m not alone in this statement when I say that EVERYONE just needs a good cry every once in a while. When I feel like I need to just let it all out, I put on one of these 10 movies to help me get the tears rollin (while also being entertained by the quality of each film). Here’s my list of movies for when I need to cry for hours straight, feel free to watch and cry with me.

  1. P.S. I Love You: I put this as number one for a very real reason. This movie, for reasons that are explicable but also questionable, makes me cry 5 minutes into putting it on. Something about gaining and losing love so quickly sends me spiraling into a river of my own tears. 10/10 recommend if you really want to sob.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You: First of all, R.I.P. Heath Ledger. Not only do I cry when Kat realized that Patrick really DID only date her because he was being paid to, but every time I watch this movie, it’s a reminder that the world is no longer blessed with the presence of the beautiful, talented, and amazing Heath Ledger.

3. Ghost: Another R.I.P. to Patrick Swayze. This movie is not only heartbreaking through it’s entirety, but it is also a reminder of Patrick Swayze’s undeniable good looks and his acting that makes you fall in love no matter the role. Also can we all reflect on the iconic pottery scene??? God bless.

4. The Notebook: I feel like this doesn’t even need an explanation. The complications of love just surround this entire movie. If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. The end.

5. A Walk To Remember: Arguably Mandy Moore’s only iconic and legendary roles she has ever portrayed. I have never not cried while watching this movie. It’s a classic “Bad boy falls for innocent girl…….and then she dies” movie that is going to make you feel the sting of loss even though it’s all fiction. I need to find someone who loves me the way Landon loves Jamie.


7. La La Land: This movie got a lot of criticism and a lot of people I know hate it because it’s just a movie about Emma Stone with a jazz element that MAYBE on the surface looks tacky and definitely not tasteful. HOWEVER, this movie is fantastic if you look at it from a cinematic standpoint and the ENDING really kills me. Basically, you can do all the duets and tap routines you want with someone you love, but nothing lasts and the music will end.

8. The Pursuit of Happyness: If this Will Smith/Jaden Smith combo doesn’t touch your soul in some way, you may not have one at all. For anyone who has ever struggled, this movie will hit you in all the personal spots. Tears on tears on tears.

9. About Time: So you think to yourself, “wow Tim can go back in time and hang out with his deceased dad that’s so cool he’s so lucky!!” then you realize he can’t see him anymore when he and his wife, Mary, played by Rachel McAdams, have another baby. This whole realization and sequence of events are just a recipe for tears.

10. 500 Days of Summer: This has been one of my favorite movies for a long time and I’ve watched it so many times that I have found so many different reasons to cry. The main reason is because Tom gets stomped on and left broken hearted. Another is realizing that Summer comes from a broken home and is reluctant to receive and give love, and so you cry at the end when she’s married and so so happy. There’s more, but I would have to dissect the entire plot to give them all to you right now. Just watch it and trust me.


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