Why You Should LET YOUR MAN GO

Since Valentine’s Day was last week, and some people are STILL rubbing in the fact that I’m probably going to be alone forever, I think it is only appropriate for me to vent about all the craziness I see in relationships in today’s culture. I know all my fellow single ladies felt the same when their social media feeds were flooded (and I mean FLOODED) with cute couple pictures, stuffed animals, and dates to the local Houlihans (like really guys? HOULIHANS?? Come on people, let’s get a little creative). This overwhelming amount of lovey, mushy posts that seemed to come out of no where just seemed so fake to me. There were couples I saw on social media this past Tuesday who I know fight every other day, couples that I had no idea were dating until this holiday popped up, and couples whose relationships only exist for the likes.

Of course there are authentic relationships out there and that’s great, but there are definitely relationships that rely on its social media presence and aren’t making either person happy. I have so many friends who have lowered their standards for guys or girls and never knew how to get out of the relationship or didn’t realize that anything was wrong because they were so blinded by the idea of the relationship rather than the reality.

Because I’ve seen this happen to so many of my besties (and it’s even happened to me, admittedly) I decided that this Valentine’s Day post should be five HUGE reasons why you need to LET YOUR MAN GO.


  1. He doesn’t respect your views or opinions: This is so important to me because clearly I’m very opinionated and in tune with my values. I think that in a relationship it’s important for differences in opinion to exist; it keeps the relationship interesting and challenges you to see the other side of something that you may not have looked at before. However, if your man is telling you that your opinions or values are flat out wrong and he is putting you down for it, that is FOR SURE a sign that he doesn’t respect you as a person and you need to LET HIM GO.
  2. He is constantly jealous: Listen, jealousy happens, it’s natural and everyone experiences it in some way or another. But if your man is so jealous that he doesn’t let you go out without him, he doesn’t let you talk to friends who are male, and is also questioning what you do, then there is a serious problem with your relationship. You shouldn’t have to answer to anyone about who you’re friends with and what you do when you’re not with your boyfriend. If your man is so jealous that he has become controlling over your life, you need to LET HIM GO.
  3.  Nothing about your conversations are engaging anymore: If the bulk of your texting conversations are “hey” “what’s up” “nothing much, you” “same” “ok haha” “LOL” YOU GOTTA MOVE ON. Of course there isn’t always something stimulating and amazing to talk about at all times, but if you find that silences are becoming more awkward than comfortable, it’s time to either have a conversation about it with your guy or LET HIM GO.
  4. He constantly ditches out on plans: If he literally never wants to spend time with you or puts his friends and other plans before you more often than not, there is definitely something wrong. You don’t need to spend every waking moment together, but if your relationship only exists over technology when it’s clearly convenient for you two to be physically together, you need to LET HIM GO.
  5. He doesn’t value or respect your feelings and constantly puts them down: This is a big one that goes back to number one in some ways. If you express your feelings, whether it’s about him or another aspect of your life, and he makes you feel like they’re invalid, he should not be a part of your support system. Everything you feel is valid and no one in your life should be putting that down, especially someone who you care about and is theoretically there for you. BE UNAPOLOGETIC FOR THE WAY THAT YOU FEEL. If your man is telling you that you’re ridiculous for being upset that he ditched out on plans, cheated, or some other completely valid reason, you need to LET HIM GO.


It’s so important to be in tune with yourself before you enter any kind of relationship. If you see any of these signs in the person you’re dating, you need to either address it or end it because in the long run this isn’t the kind of person you want to be with forever.



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