CYG My FAVE Podcast

Hey FemStop Fam! Welcome to another installment of my inner monologue where I’m going to talk about one of my favorite podcasts ever, Call Your Girlfriend featuring Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. To preface this, I was never into podcasts at all. I never understood the point of listening to people talk about things either to no one or to another person through my headphones. My logic was that if I wanted to listen to someone talk, I would just watch a video of them or read an article about their thoughts. It wasn’t until my older (and obviously MUCH wiser) sister told me that Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast that I would definitely like. After further insisting that I finally enter the podcast world, I decided to use that purple app on my iPhone that I barely knew existed and listen to CYG.

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I don’t listen to podcasts every day, but it has become a nice break from the usual rap or pop music that I listen to on the way to class or while I’m doing homework. Call Your Girlfriend is my usual go to because they have conversations that I’m not only interested in, but they have them in such a way that I feel like I’m involved in the conversation with them, even though I’m obviously not. Their tagline being “a podcast for long distance besties everywhere” makes you feel like YOU’RE the long distance bestie that theyre talking about, which is something that I really love about it. It feels personal, intimate, and also makes me laugh and think about the topics that they talk about.

Usually, Friedman and Sow get into some political, current events and also a topic related to pop culture. This outline was actually my inspiration for this blog because I wanted to be able to have a platform for my thoughts and opinions on current events as well as talk about things in pop culture that I’m interested in. The most recent CYG podcast that I listened to was Episode 76: New Country, Who Dis? (I immediately fell in love with the title because how funny is that and also MOOD). This podcast mainly talked about Trump’s inauguration, the celebrities that weren’t there and the ones that were, and anti-choice agendas that have left a negative impact on Texas. These topics may sound redundant because it’s all we hear in the news now, but Friedman and Sow are so intriguing to listen to and their way off adding in comedic relief keeps the conversation natural and effective.

After talking about some more serious issues that they were both passionate about, they also covered Kim Kardashian’s recent return to social media and Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s weird make-out session next to a dumpster (which I think made ALL of us more than uncomfortable and also who isn’t team Bella??? Just saying). Because they balance their topics with serious, political, and important discussions with more fun and laid back discussions about pop culture, it makes engaging in this podcast even easier and so enjoyable.


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