The fight for equality among men and women has been an ongoing battle for hundreds of years fought by women from generations before us. This fight, as we all have learned through our history courses over the years, has afforded women the right to vote, the right to choose for our own bodies, become more than just a stereotypical housewife, and so much more. Because of the work of these powerful and determined women, we have been able to hold positions of power in the workforce and even in our own government. Our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and more have made sure that we have been able to achieve anything we set out to do in our modern society. We all know that women today hold a great deal of gratitude to the women of our past for allowing us to live the lives that we do. It is truly amazing that as a young, 20 year old woman, I am able to go to college and earn a degree so that I can become a self-sustaining, independent, and successful member of society. So many women before us were not able to even dream of these opportunities. I AM SO LUCKY AND SO ARE YOU.

Photo via Clickhistory.org
Photo via Clickhistory.org

So if we’ve already achieved all of this, and women have seemingly been able to become just as powerful as men, why do we still need to fight for our rights? Why do we still need feminism?

First, I’d like to start out by defining feminism. According to the Oxford Dictionary, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes. It is SO majorly important that people understand this definition, because so many are quick to assume that feminism is about “man hating”. There seems to be this crazy delusion that the goal of feminism is to somehow wipe out the male race and begin to pro create our own all-female world of “femi-nazis”. This is just simply wrong. Feminism is and always has been the battle to become equal with men in a world where men were, and still are, afforded the ability to succeed further than a woman based on stereotypical societal norms.

While much advancement has been made to move away from prior social constructs, women are still facing stereotypes that make them inferior to men in so many ways. There are also issues where “white feminism” has become the main representation of feminism and this has been a concern since the beginning of the women’s rights movement. Today, our goal is not only to overcome issues of equality, but also make sure that it’s not only about the advancement of white women, but women of color, trans women, immigrant women, indigenous women, and more.

Photographed by Martha Cooper via @marthacoopergram on Instagram
Photographed by Martha Cooper via @marthacoopergram on Instagram

This all seems overwhelming, and maybe even more complex than you had originally thought that feminism was, and that’s okay. If this is your first time trying to dissect feminism and you aren’t confused, you’re not on your way to understanding it completely. As a student, I will not get on my soapbox and tell you I know everything there is to know about feminism either. I am still learning and will continue to learn with you. I am a white, millennial, privileged, young woman and while I’ve had my fair share of misfortunes and struggles in my life, I cannot tell you first hand experiences of some of the true struggles that women of color, trans women, and others have experienced for decades as a result of inequality. What I am here to say and what I hope to accomplish through The Fem Stop is to talk about issues that affect ALL women EVERYWHERE. I also hope to empower those who stop to read this blog to become aware of the issues that women are facing and will continue to face (especially over the next four years @ the Trump administration). I also hope to talk about some fun topics as well, things that I’m interested in that I think women everywhere will be able to relate to and possibly apply to their own daily lives. Basically, I’m your internet BFF and I am so excited to start these conversations, share my interests, and connect with you all!



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